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International Heritage Horse Association

This association was formed to increase public awareness and to lend support & networking between owners and breeders of rare equine breeds and/ or rare bloodlines within breeds in an effort to preserve dwindling populations. This need has been becoming steadily more apparent over time among some rare curly horses, which are in danger of extinction through indiscriminate blending of their divergent bloodlines and types. Along with the preservation of endangered bloodlines goes the fundamental awareness and identification of divergent conformation types, and the education that leads to preservation breeding decisions that will impact the future. The horses we are focusing on at the present time are:

Curly Stockhorses
(Berndt, Bad Warrior, Cypress, Canadian stockhorse lines)
Classic Stockhorses
(Cook bloodline; Damele bloodline & type preservation)
Aishihik Curly Stud Book
(all curly foundation Colorado Ranger Lp lines;
to honor the original Aishihiks that went extinct)

Spanish Curly Horses
(already well identified and preserved by multiple Spanish Registries)
International Curly Stud Book
(dominant Zabaikalskaya Cossack curlies in Russia)
(dominant curly Lokai in Tajikistan)
(dominant curly ponies in Mongolia)
(dominant curly Criollo horses in Patagonia, Argentina)

If you would like additional information:

  • Curly Stockhorse Preservation Project for endangered bloodlines

  • Curly Spanish horse bloodlines in America:
    DH Cardenas <> California
    Andrea Mulnix <> Montana

    Unravelling the Rich History of the Sulphur Mustangs May 25, 2023, Dr Mitch Wilkinson

  • Patagonian Criollo curly horses in Argentina
    Mitch Wilkinson <>

  • Zabaikalskaya; Russian Cossak curly horses
    Mitch <>
  • Mongolian curly ponies (extinct? - contact: Mitch)

  • Curly Lokaiskaya (Lokai) horse, Tajikistan (still in existence?)
  • Johannesburg South African curly horses (extinct?)

International Heritage Horse Association (IHHA) was formed to identify & promote rare breeds and bloodlines of horses, and to help educate breeders about how to breed for preservation of rare breeds and endangered bloodlines. Although we register horses by request, our main goal is record-keeping, a database and promoting preservation services. We have no desire to re-invent the wheel or compete where not needed; we only provide registration services for those that ask, who don't register with either ABC or ICHO, who have a breed of heritage horse that does not already have a registry, or who have horses that need registration that are not accepted by other registries. IHHA registrar services are stud book affiliates of the parent registry company, Homestead Cattle Association.

IHHA registration certificate

IHHA maintains separate stud books for any small population, breed and/ or division within any breed that needs pedigrees recorded and registration papers issued. IHHA issues internationally valid registration certificates with globally recognized livestock breed codes, and each animal ID unique breed and bloodline composition researched, documented and labeled. For horses not already registered, IHHA registration papers help facilitate preservation efforts with frozen genetics collection, shows, transport or sales over international borders. IHHA stud books are maintained on a safe secure platform, built by a leader in the industry; and will provide a database of all breeds, (like and but with additional free public and member services and more reliable) that will be well-maintained, accessible to the public, and safely, permanently preserved for posterity.

IHHA looks forward to possible unification with ABCR and ICHO if they will come together and combine to better serve the membership and to more accurately identify, support and represent endangered divergent curly types, bloodlines and breeds in the future.

What to Know About Registries; (distinctions between their primary and secondary purposes)


Warrior Tornado

Joshua Felicia on Warrior Tornado
heeling, left: Joshua Felicia, Wyola Montana; heading, right: Matt Davis on Deeter
2018 Wrangler National Team Roping Finals Champions
"Nado" is a rare Bad Warrior bloodline gelding.
Nado and Joshua won a pickup truck!


Wicasa Matho Paha

Wicasa Matho Paha
Susanne Andrea Meyer, Germany, owner
Celina Brehm, photographer


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est. March 1998 ~ a division of the
International Heritage Horse Association
owned & maintained by Bucking V Outfit, LLC.

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