International Heritageg Horse Association

International Heritage Horse Association
an associate of International Livestock Registries

This association was formed to bring together owners and breeders of rare equine breeds and/or rare bloodlines within breeds in an effort to preserve them. We offer stud books for any breed and/or division within a breed that needs pedigrees recorded. Our focus is to help increase awareness of the preservation efforts for novel breeds, along with the identification of different types and awareness in breeding decisions that will impact the future.

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Our first stud book division: Curly Stockhorse Registry


Warrior Tornado

heeling, left: Joshua Felicia on Warrior Tornado, Wyola Montana
heading, right: Matt Davis on Deeter
2018 Wrangler National Team Roping Finals Champions
"Nado" is a rare Bad Warrior bloodline gelding


Wicasa Matho Paha

Wicasa Matho Paha
Susanne Andrea Meyer, Germany, owner
Celina Brehm, photographer


Bucking V Outfit LLC

International Heritage Horse Association
cooperate of International Livestock Registries
IHHA is owned & administrated by
Bucking V Outfit, LLC.

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last updated March 2021